Twenty minutes into the game, and SMU is moving the ball as easily as I thought – 193 yards on just 21 plays. The only tiny problem: Army has 101 return yards (and 1 TD) on three SMU turnovers. Fantastic.

UPDATE: What an embarrassment of a team SMU is. C-USA may just suck even more than I thought they did.  SMU runs a run-and-shoot offense and they held Army to less than 100 yards in the second half. How many second half possessions should SMU have? I would guess at least seven or eight. Correct answer: THREE. Three possessions. Incredible. That’s gotta be some sort of record for a run-and-shoot team.

Apparently June Jones thinks it’s a good idea to bring his quarterback to the sideline after every play. How many teams higher than the junior varsity high school level see any kind of success by bringing their quarterback to the sidelines after every play? And how can June Jones not recruit a decent QB in Texas to run the funnest offense in the country?

Yeah, I’m a little bitter. But SMU is a joke.


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