The Doldrums of February

Now the winter starts to drag.

Football is over. Spring Training games don’t start for another three weeks. I’m still a month away from caring about NCAA Basketball and a solid three months away from caring about the NBA and NHL, if that even happens. The UEFA Champions League doesn’t start back up for another week. Even Deadspin decided to use this week to lose traffic with a site redesign.

It’s a good thing February is only 28 days – I think it drags more than any other month. It’s marginally warmer than December and January, but it is usually the first time that people really start to get antsy over the cold. It seems that once the Super Bowl is over, the thinking in cold weather states shifts to “alright, stop complaining, I know it’s cold…but let’s buckle down and get through these last few weeks of winter.”

Prior to the Super Bowl, it was okay if you wanted to stay at home and out of the cold on the weekend. At least you had important football games to watch. Starting this weekend, if you want to stay home, you’re just a lazy guy who doesn’t want to get off the couch. And so we wait for the NCAA Basketball Tournament or the weather to get warm, whichever comes first.

Even the Cleveland Cavaliers are cooperating with the season. The lead story on is the Cavs’ record-setting 25 game losing streak. I thought about writing about that today, but I don’t think anyone really needs that. It’s Cleveland. In February. And they are STILL third in the NBA in attendance. Everyone feels terrible for Cleveland. Not much more to say about that.

I also thought about writing another Green Bay Packers column. But I wouldn’t want to subject you non-Packer fans to that homerism. Then I planned to write my Champions League predictions, but it’s about a week too early for that.

So instead I’ll just complain about February.


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